How to Foster a Positive Work Environment? (4 min read)

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.

Businesses make up one of the largest social environments in the world, and where some of us may spend even more time on than with our own families. Organizations are where we continually engage with our peers and customers, some of whom may create stressful working relationships. We also engage with systems and processes, some of which may not function effectively. If your days spent at the workplace make you feel down, then imagine the efficiency lost and the time you might feel you have lost being unhappy. Therefore, we need to understand the importance of positivity. It takes caring to foster positivity.

How can we enact that care?

If you are in a position where you are leading people or managing people, you would need to connect with people by being aware of their passions and talents. This motivates people to feel heard and understood. Knowing that people in the leadership truly care about them allows them to then return the care back multiple times more.

Instilling a positive attitude at all levels and at all times regardless of what position you may hold in the company is one of the ways for fostering positive leadership. Positive leaders should be helping a corporation by engaging team members to help with challenging situations where needed. The caring communicator also doesn’t conspire against another person. The moment you – either on your own or in a group – take action to intentionally malign someone, you have lost your integrity, securing a path to failure. Remember, negative work groups never yield positive results. We get what we give out.

Of course, there are going to be situations where it will be largely difficult to foster positivity in the moment. This is where preparedness plays a role and in some cases it may be  the genuine humor . Humor brings a smile to everyone’s face. It helps put people at ease and reduces or eliminates stress. It engages everyone in positive type communication. Once that tone is set then the hard messaging is taken with more openness.

Think about it: the moment you step into a room, you set the tone for everyone. If you walk in there with a smile and high energy, chances are majority or even everybody else in the room will reciprocate that energy right back to you and to each other. There will be some isolated incidents where complete seriousness is the only option, but enthusiasm should be the default energy most of the time.

You see now, fostering positivity is not only about you, yourself feeling good, engaged and being efficient, but making sure everybody else you are surrounded by also feels included, positive, being heard.  Remember to smile and set a positive tone from the moment you walk in to any situation. It is a powerful entrance and results are impactful.

It is not easy to influence high energy around the workplace, but it is possible with a few of those tips I am giving in my book.  Being a positive leader is one of the key ingredients of the Business Caring Formula.

Positive thinking is a way of life for the Caring Leader.