Emma arrived in New York City in August 1989. Her desire and passion were to study and build her career in technology industry while being an economist. She remembers friends telling her how she couldn’t get into a university or get hired at large or Fortune 500 companies. 

Emma shared that only a few people said: “Try it. You can.” Then one friend encouraged Emma to apply to New York University, where she had studied.

That gave Emma the guidance that she needed. Within a week of arriving in New York City, Emma applied and got accepted into NYU. Emma was happy! She was pursuing her passion and plan.

As a matter of fact, when Emma began studying at NYU, her  and her husband were so broke that they didn’t even have enough money for transportation. They were saving by walking everywhere. It was the early 1990s, and Times Square was not yet the family-friendly tourist hot spot that it is today. Midtown had tons of strip clubs and a very different culture back then. But they were happy with Emma’s first achievement and step, as they saw and felt the future!

Soon Emma was hired as a part-time professor’s assistant, a position she then held for four years. Those were happy years! Her pursuit continued when her and her two musician and technology trained friends started their company offering object-oriented programming and consulting services then to be one the progressive technology trends.

They were ahead of the technology industry, and it was an amazing collaboration. Now, when Emma thinks back, it was difficult, but it was amazing how it all happened. They found happiness in the execution of an idea that launched a business.

Then in 1994, Emma was offered a consulting opportunity at EY (Ernst & Young), which led to her long and successful career in technology roles. For more than twenty years, Emma has advised organizations around the world to drive profitability with business solutions. It was great to grow professionally alongside the technology industry. When Emma started, 56k dial-up modems connected everyone to a nascent internet. That loud, screeching noise that computers made every time we logged online was both exhilarating and annoying. Quite a contrast to today’s silent, cordless connections that immediately connect everyone to the web via smartphones and computers.

Since then, technology has come a long way, and it is continuing to evolve exponentially every year, every day – every minute. New applications are readily available, helping us organize our personal and work lives, connecting us to our friends and families around the world in a split second. With just a few taps on our phone, we can find out how many “likes” the local restaurant has that we are eager to try. Technology allows us to make fast and well-informed decisions. Emma admits that being part of the boom and seeing it evolve into the current New Machine Era is truly an extraordinary experience. Yes, technology benefited and benefits all of us.

And, as a business-solutions executive, Emma’s mission was to lead teams into making companies more efficient with technology. She identified problems and found solutions that established faster and more efficient workflows, and better products and services. The goal was to increase a company’s productivity and revenue with technology.

Those were happy years for Emma as she was pursuing her passion. Not everything was perfect, but her happiness criterion was: “As long as I am on my passion path, I am happy.”

Take you through a journey of self-realization and empowerment for success and happiness by drawing from relatable experiences. 

Build New You!  Build Authentic You! 

 Leadership is a portfolio of your talents, package of skills, personality with values, character with passion, full experiences of success and learning, building the Caring Leader in You!

I am defining it as Leadership Lifestyle 


You can have it all, if you can define: what’s ‘all’? And then you make decisions about how to have it.

If you are planning, you better plan for success. You don’t have to plan for failure; it’s going to come by itself.”

Rules exist to have exceptions, so let’s do exceptions for progress.


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