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ESMT Berlin, Germany February 13th, 2019 ESMT Entrepreneurship Club Speaking Event with Emma Arakelyan

Europe Book Tour Stop 2: Berlin, Germany (3 Min Read)

The second stop of Emma Arakelyan’s Europe book tour was in Berlin, Germany, where she presented at the EMST Berlin University Entrepreneurship Club. This unique opportunity enabled 60+ club members and talented professionals, students and guests to meet Emma Arakelyan and hear her speech about building a new leadership lifestyle. The leadership lifestyle she discussed was based off of her recent book, The Business Caring Formula. Special thanks go to Lilit Gasparyan from ESMT and the leaders of the Entrepreneurship Club Paulo Henrique Damiani and Tijana Mijailovic for organizing this event.
ESMT Berlin posted in the news that ESMT Entrepreneurship Club organized their first event of the year – “Building Your New Leadership Lifestyle Lecture with Emma Arakelyan”. They expressed their appreciation to  Emma Arakelyan for sharing her knowledge and expertise with ESMT students.

Animesh Srivastav, an attendee to the conference, posted his testimonial to the event presenting on The Business Caring Formula. He said “My biggest takeaway was on having a filtering process for taking decisions – think whether doing something is good for: You? Your family? Friends? Community? Country? Country? World? Then make your decision based on how many yes’ you get from answering the above!”

What Animesh was appealing to here was the idea that you must analyze a situation from as many angles as you can think of before making any big decisions or taking any action. It means thinking about those the action you are planning to take would impact, as well as the overall community you represent that your action would impact. Your community might be your country or even your company, depending on what your job is and what type of leadership role you are in.

Emma shared her impressions on her social media channels: “I learned a lot about the ESMT Berlin University located now at the former East Germany government building, with so much history, Erich Honecker’s office and his famous lights he loved, the window mosaic design from East Berlin former era and more!”

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