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Spoke at the Women in Leadership panel and also delivered a keynote speech for AGBU Young Professionals Goriz Program

Europe Book Tour Stop 1: Paris, France (5 min read)

AGBU, or the Armenian General Benevolent Union, focuses its mission on promoting the Armenian heritage around the world. On February 8, 2019, AGBU celebrated its 90th General Assembly Conference in Paris, France. The conference focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and women in leadership. The President of Armenia, the UN, France, and many other government leaders joined this conference in order to support AGBU’s programs.

I joined the conference to speak on the panel “Women in Leadership” and had the pleasure to share the stage with distinguished women. Among me joined Astrid Panosyan (moderator), Entrepreneur and Politician (LREM) and Valerie Toranian, Journalist and Director of Revue des deux Mondes. Our career paths were different, but as Entrepreneurs and caring individuals, our paths intersected.

I also gave a speech to the professionals of the Goriz program, which constituted about 60+ individuals, spreading a message to always find ways to connect with people around you. I discussed The Business Caring Formula and how the seven facets of the formula could apply to many Armenian Young Professionals’ lives.

The Goriz leadership program sponsored by AGBU ( aims to provide talented young Armenians with a professional-level leadership program that will equip them to confront and transcend the challenges of their personal, professional, community and public lives. The participants set off on a 6-months (part time) Leadership Development Journey. The journey consists of lectures, experiential workshops and fun activities for social bonding. The cohort is exposed to world-class leaders who are engaged with their Armenian Identity.

The program enables participants to unleash the full potential of their unique pallet of identities and to form a distinctive leadership style. The program helps participants to reflect on questions such as:
• How is my signature strength shaped?
• How does my personal and family history influence my sense of purpose?
• What drives my sense of duty and how do I take ownership?
• How can I benefit from networking and contributing a global community of professional Armenians?

Speaking about The Business Caring Formula in Paris for the Goriz program answered some of the proposed questions above:

• Your signature strength is shaped by firstly identifying your passion, and then your strongest and weakest skills surrounding the passion.

• Understanding your family dynamic is important not only for your career, but for your own personal growth. Treat your business like you would ideally treat your family: with care.

• You cannot take ownership of your life if you don’t know what you want from life. Pay attention to events you encounter that peak your interest, as well as events you encounter that you tend to not like. Be observant.

• Networking is always helpful. When you network with people who have something in common with you, say, your heritage, there is already a base connection that can be furthered. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

The Business Caring Formula is only the written portion on some of the amazing doors that people could open for each other. I was proud to attend a conference of leadership that cared so much about the program they had set for the even more caring young professionals who will one day be our leaders too. We must find ways to connect with one another in order to protect and strengthen our humanity. Care and provide for each other so that we may all grow.

AGBU has published its magazine highlighting Emma’s trip to Paris and Amsterdam. Check this link to the magazine which has been disseminated internationally. Please find on page 39 , 44 and 66 published about Emma’s Europe visit.