Why curiosity is life changing? (4 min read)


“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” by Albert Einstein

As I mentioned before, the Internet and technology has helped people research and find their passions and connect with other people faster. Some people think that because of the Internet we have lost the “personal touch.” What has changed is that the “personal touch” no longer means face to face. Thank God for Facebook. “Personal touch” now means, “connected.” You should stay connected with people in person as much as possible, but to expand your Care and passion you can now stay connected with anyone. Yes, literally with anyone at anytime. I stay connected to many people globally, leveraging all the technology that is available to me.

For example, I have friends and family around the world and I have not seen them in person for years. However, I feel so connected to them as we are communicating via phone, Facebook, Skype, email, etc. My passion for advertising and helping has expanded its wings. There is no limit. Staying connected is so fulfilling.

The problems sometimes come when people don’t know how to connect, what to do with all that’s available to them. Again the passion comes when one wants to connect with certain people, or you want to understand more, or you want to learn more. You have this vast electronic library in front of you. You have electronic people in front of you and it’s so powerful and positive and impactful. Which brings me to “curiosity.”

Curiosity is so important and is based on: what do I want to know? What is important to me? The key I think, and I really believe this, is you cannot care about others until you really take care of yourself. To take care of yourself you need to know who you are and what you are after. When you know these two things, you will know who to connect with and what kind of person you are. You can start helping others and take care of them as well. Then it becomes bigger. It’s not only you taking care of one person, it’s actually a group of people, then it’s not a group of people, it’s an actual company and then it becomes global and you are helping people you have never seen or met in person. The reach is huge.

Remember the journey for someone to be successful is also the journey for someone to be happy.

Curiosity comes from that. Curiosity has to start from within. Who am I and what am I trying to do with my life? Soon, all the “how” questions start. You need to know what you want and importantly what you can change and what you cannot change. People are always asking is this what I want? How do I get it? Once you know what you care about, then you can ask yourself how you can build that caring to impact others, your surroundings, your family, friends, colleagues, your job? Curiosity is a technique, but it’s not the way. What is the way is what you care about, what you are passionate about. What is important is that you always have to have something you care about. Curiosity is about how to learn, about how to find your passion. Curiosity makes it easier. Curiosity makes it more natural.