What I covered during my May 22nd speech for IUBH University, Berlin, Germany (2 min read)


At the studio in New York City: Preparing for the Berlin on-line event.

On May 22, 2018, exclusively invited by Dr. Noah Mehdi Farhadi, professor at the IUBH School of Business & Management in Berlin, Germany, I had the opportunity to present to undergraduate and graduate students and faculty leaders of IUBH.

The topic was “Building Your New Leadership Lifestyle”.  At this video conference speaking event, I covered the workings of effective leadership using The Business Caring Formula by breaking the formula down into its seven components. While doing so, I applied examples of personal objective and goals that these students are currently focused on and then applied those examples to components of the formula. By actively engaging students’ interests, I was able to show them that following the formula is possible, because they’re already practicing it. The goal is to practice it consistently and putting their values in the center.

By also learning some students’ personal stories from Prof. Dr. Farhadi before the talk and using their personal-goal stories as examples, I also sent a clear message that I cared to know who these people were before I talked to them. Taking these miniature extra steps before meeting a group of individuals is crucial, since part of the formula pushes the idea that the caring leader is able to know people personally and to praise them for their wonderful and goal-oriented actions. Taking action using passion and dreams as driving forces allowed me and the students to be able to feel a personal and comfortable connection with them despite not being there in person. This action reflects positivity and responsibility – two important components of The Business Caring Formula  – and makes the speaking environment much more inclusive for everyone. Keep on caring people! Challenge your capacities and go above and beyond what you normally think you can do – “It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela.

Check my Events section to locate the speech from May 22nd in Berlin with IUBH University. Note that there is an upcoming session with IUBH University on June 22nd and the topic this time will be about fostering progress through Innovation!