Europe Book Tour Stop 2: Berlin, Germany (3 Min Read)

Europe Book Tour Stop 2: Berlin, Germany (3 Min Read)
ESMT Berlin, Germany February 13th, 2019 ESMT Entrepreneurship Club Speaking Event with Emma Arakelyan

The second stop of Emma Arakelyan’s Europe book tour was in Berlin, Germany, where she presented at the EMST Berlin University Entrepreneurship Club. This unique opportunity enabled 60+ club members and talented professionals, students and guests to meet Emma Arakelyan and hear her speech about building a new leadership lifestyle. The leadership lifestyle she discussed was based off of her recent book, The Business Caring Formula. Special thanks go to Lilit Gasparyan from ESMT and the leaders of the Entrepreneurship Club Paulo Henrique Damiani and Tijana Mijailovic for organizing this event.ESMT Berlin posted in the news that ESMT Entrepreneurship Club organized their first event of…

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Responsible Leadership and How a Lack of It Can Be Fatal: Environmental Edition (5 min read)

For decades, many people in power made and continue to make decisions that exhibit a serious lack of care. Responsible leaders care for the present and the future. Responsible leaders question every decision to guarantee a safe home and bright future for generations to come. Let’s see where we got today with a lack of caring and non-responsible decision-making. We will talk about the environment today, a topic that millennials and gen-Zer’s have put on their top issues list. We cannot survive without nature. The relationship we had originally established with nature is that we enjoy, embrace, love and responsibly control it. That relationship grew…

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