How to achieve a great end goal? (2 min read)

“Ends and Means must cohere” – Martin Luther King Jr.

The ends don’t always justify the means, especially when there is a lack of care in the means. How could the end result be extraordinary and impactful when the actions you took to try and get there were not extraordinary and impactful?

The message Martin Luther King Jr. spread with this short yet strong quote is clear: you cannot achieve a great end goal through not-so-great means and terms. They must cohere; they must work together on the same level.

In a business context, cohering ends and means translates into approaching your goal with care and respect. It also means treating people around you the way would like to be treated. It seems obvious, but people have a tendency to get too excited about their goal that they tend to hurt others in the process and might not notice. Or, individuals might not want to care about the process because the goal is faster and easier to reach without care. But trust me, instilling a consistent path of care into your everyday objectives and process to the larger passion you are after will not only get you to your goals, but you will also be able to foster stronger relationships with people and organizations. Understanding that it is not just about the end goal, but also equally the process, is important. Being considerate and thoughtful in this context will help you build a work family! And when you have a work family, business becomes more effective, engaging, rewarding, communicative and fun!