IP/IT Transformation for Armenia Innovation Summit, Yerevan Armenia @ Yerevan
Oct 11 – Oct 12 all-day
IP/IT Transformation for Armenia Innovation Summit, Yerevan Armenia @ Yerevan

Emma Arakelyan is co-leading the IP/IT Transformation for Armenia Innovation Summit (The Summit), which is organized by the Armenian Bar Association, Orion Worldwide Innovations and the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Republic of Armenia.

The Summit covers the following areas of target are: Laws and Regulations, Institutional Framework and Capacities, Human Capacities, Cooperation Systems and Learning and Innovation.

The target audience includes: government ministers, members of parliament and officials; professionals in law, public and private businesses including startups and investors; academy of sciences and universities, and other constituencies engaged with innovation, development and research.

The specific objectives of the 2-day summit will be to engage all interested parties in discussions about, and propose solutions to, the following six sets of critical issues that the IP/IT Committee, working with its partners in Armenia, has identified as the key impediments to innovation in Armenia:
– The lack of statutory damages and administrative sanctions under Armenian IP law, for IP violations.
– The impossibility of patenting or otherwise protecting software innovation.
– The limited capacity of the Armenian patent office (AIPA).
– The poor suitability of Armenian corporate law for VC/angel investment.
– Insufficient protection of minority shareholders under Armenian corporate law.
– Insufficient protection of IP in educational and scientific institutions.

About the IP/IT Committee of the US Armenian Bar Association

The IP/IT Committee of the US Armenian Bar Association was established in November 2018 with the following objectives:
– Establish, grow and mutually benefit from the collaborative and business relationships among legal, education and business (including startups and science) professionals in the U.S. and Armenia.
– Facilitate an exchange of knowledge in the IP Management area between different jurisdictions, in particular the U.S. and Armenia, and Europe and Armenia.
– Facilitate knowledge exchange and learning by providing a conduit of access for IP practitioners, judiciary and academicians in Armenia, to their counterparts in the Diaspora.
– Facilitate the development and implementation of a more robust IP protection and enforcement framework in Armenia.
– Become a key advisor, partner and sponsor of the Armenian Global Innovation Hub.
– Educate fellow attorneys as well as business people and the community at-large about IP and its impact/importance.
– Assist students and new attorneys to break into the IP field, professionally.

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