Speaking at ISACA New Jersey Career Event – Sign up for January 16, 2020
ISACA New Jersey Chapter Career Event - January 16, 2020

Speaking at ISACA New Jersey Career Event – Sign up for January 16, 2020

Emma Arakelyan will be speaking at the ISACA New Jersey Chapter Career Dinner event about building leaders and motivating your professionals. Emma will highlight that in today’s world technologies and business entities are changing, causing widespread disruption of traditional business models. As current or up and coming leaders, we need to transform our leadership approach to embrace this change and its fast pace. We need to add more qualities to our leadership portfolio. The business caring formula offers seven ingredients for leadership lifestyle:
– The caring leader adopts the concepts of caring as a lifestyle not as a one-time action item:Learn about key drivers fora new leadership style during the 21st century innovations and disruptions.
– Become more aware of new business and technology management approaches and new skills for leaders.
– Be aware of case studies and situations from Fortune 500 companies and their strategies of growth.
– Become particularly knowledgeable of self-assessment techniques, new business caring formula and its ingredients Walk away with thoughts on your action plans using the caring leadership journey must haves.

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